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There are so many other ways you can get involved, you could: hold a Raffle with your friends and family; take one of our ‘Counter-Top Collection Boxes’ and put it in a shop – even your shop or workplace; hold a skittles evening or a quiz night or even make a monthly Donation to our Charity...


We would promote everything on our Web and Facebook page - you’d be surprised how many people would support you and give.


Once we are free of COVID you could even think of helping with our store collections (more information at the bottom of this page) – we are always looking for volunteers. So please get in touch and let us know if you would like to be a part of the team.

2022 April

Lab 22 'Cardiff Bars Championship'

Lab 22 sponsored this event as it was the first of hopefully many for Cardiff Bars. This was organised by Michael De Keyser who organise the 'Warr on Cancer' events in memory of his best friend Phillip. Michael knew this event would be a big one so dragged along his friend Paul to help along the way. 

The event was held at Ocean Park Arena, and it turned out to be a lovely, dry day for everyone. Bars across Cardiff, including Mill Lane and St Mary's Street all signed up to try and be the winners. However, Overt Security took first place. Elaine, Theresa and Sue all turned up to see everyone with Elaine blowing the final whistle. Whilst being there, a number of players mentioned how they wanted this to be an annual event as it gives the bar staff a break away from work.

The total amount raised was well over £2700 including Gift Aid. Thank you to everyone who attended and donated.


It's events like this, when everyone comes together and has a really lovely day, aswell has help CLS to provide help to poorly children.

CLS lab 22_edited.jpg

2020 December


On a cold, very wet and very windy day 7 of our supporters braved the elements to raise money for CLS.  They were: Matt Bullard, Alyson Chichester, Suzanne Clements-Osborne, Kelly Francombe, Dean Katchi, Michael Meighan and Niamh Meighan. Most of them conquering their fear of heights and raising a grand total of £2,284.17.

Here is what they had to say:

Matt Bullard:  If I can help this Charity then I will. My mum and dad spend their lives helping charities, so I learnt from the experts.

Alyson Chichester: First and foremost, I am a parent of a child who has survived leukaemia. Secondly, I am afraid of heights!!! I have to get over my fear as the charity needs funds. Any donations are greatly appreciated.

Suzanne Clements-Osborne: I had to go to support Alyson as I know how frightened she is.

Kelly Frankcombe: This year has been extremely hard for everyone. I would love to support the Children’s Leukaemia Society and put a smile on the children’s faces this Christmas. I will find a Santa suit and do my absolute best to make as many children as I can smile.

Dean Katchi: We can all agree that 2020 has been different to say the least. It has been challenging. I also hate to say it, but it has been unprecedented.... So, I am getting into the festive spirit on an unprecedented scale this year by joining Leukaemia Society for a Christmas Abseil.

This year I am unlikely to join family at the pantomime and sadly there will be no Winter Wonderlands. But I have found an alternative, wearing my best Christmas fancy dress costume I will abseil from the top of the iconic Newport Transport Bridge.

This will be a Christmas like I have never experienced before; this will be a Christmas that lasts long in the memory for all the right reasons.

I will take on the challenge of abseiling from Newport’s most iconic landmark, the Transporter Bridge. A fantastic opportunity to see the sites of Newport from a great height, if I can keep my eyes open.

Michael Meighan: You can usually find me walking in various parts of the World climbing mountains but today I am clinking a tower.  Also, my sister Niamh is Abseiling, and I can’t wait to see her do is as I know she’s petrified.

Niamh Meighan: Like Alyson, I am petrified. Why did I say I would do it? To help this Charity as my mum and dad volunteers for them so I know how important it is to them both. Oh yes, and to prove to my brother and myself I could.

There are some very special people supporting this Charity and we are so grateful.

2018 - 2020 October

'Warr On Cancer'



On Saturday 20th October Elaine Churchill, Chair of Children’s Leukaemia Society and myself, Teresa McCarthy, Secretary, were invited to a Charity evening in memory of Phillip Warr. Phillip lost his battle with Leukaemia last year.

It was a very humbling evening and both Elaine and I were bowled over with the amount of love in the room, incredible. We would like to thank every who was involved – you were all fabulous and the applause for Phillip at the end certainly had us in tears.

The Photo is Phillip’s Mum and Dad, Karen and Dave Warr receiving a little ‘Thank You’ from Elaine for all the support they have shown our Charity.

But I’ll leave the last word to Michael Dekeyser who organised the evening.

‘’After losing a very close friend last year to Leukaemia we decided to hold a charity event the day before what would have been his 30th birthday. From the start we knew we wanted all money raised to go to Children's Leukaemia Society. We were so humbled by how much they supported our friend in his time of need.

The support we had from them for this event was incredible. They were there every step of the way and were even able to donate some small prizes. They provided some large banners on the night too for everyone to see. It's incredible the help they give with no funding or paid staff.

The night was an amazing success and we managed to raise over £1000. We know Phil would do anything to help the charity out and we're glad we were able to do this in his memory.

Thank you so much to the ladies who also attended the night and made a special presentation to Phillips parents, which was a weekend away in kiln park. Elaine and Teresa, it was lovely for everyone to meet you.’’

Thank You.

The evening raised a total of £1173.00


Philip was many different things to many different people; son, brother, husband, uncle, nephew, cousin and friend. But he was one thing to everyone that knew him – a bright spot.


Philip fought his battle with Leukaemia for a long time, never letting go of that strength. During his treatment a sense of normality was given to him by Children’s Leukaemia Society. They gifted him a trip, a getaway of sorts.


That’s what CLS do for young people going through treatment. With the hardship these people in treatment endure, it’s a kind and thoughtful gesture.


Warr on Cancer is designed to help CLS continue that kindness and to honour Phil. We hope that they can continue for a long time.


Here are some before and after photos of Suzanne Warr having her hair cut at the event 'Warr on Cancer'. There was also a fabulous raffle with some wonderful prizes. It was a very special evening.

The evening raised a total of £1,562.00


Poppy-Louise de Keyser - who is only 6 years old, asked her dad, without any prompting from anyone, if she could cut her hair to make wigs for children that don't have hair due to cancer and also to raise money for the Uncle Phillip's Charity.

Poppy knew that every year her Dad, his friends and Phillips family held a Fundraising Event in Phillip's memory for Children's Leukaemia Society on or near Phillip's birthday 21st October.

Poppy knew they couldn't this year and she wanted to help. Poppy will have her hair cut on 21st October, her hair will be donated to the 'Little Princess Trust' and the money raised will go to Children's Leukaemia Society.


Poppy raised the incredible amount of £3,160.89

Elaine Churchill, Karen Warr and.jpg

2019 June


10k Walk Roisin & Ruby

Why Roisin and Ruby are raising money for Children’s Leukaemia Society (CLS).
Two 11-year-old school friends wanted to do something for our charity as Roisin brother, Ben, was supported by CLS when he was diagnosed with Bone Cancer. The family have never forgotten the support they received from and Roisin mum has spoken to her on many occasions about CLS as she wanted to bring attention to the Charity.
So, Roisin and her friend Ruby, put their heads together, they had lots of ideas – as you can imagine - but decided on a 10K walk. They then put together a power point presentation for their school about our Charity and set about raising money.

On Saturday 4th May at 2 pm they will be walking from Malpas Road canal, Newport, up the canal path, past fourteen locks up to Cwmcarn canal. It was a beautiful Summers Day and they raised £1,360.75.

St David's School

Elaine Churchill, CLS Chair and Teresa McCarthy, Secretary had a wonderful morning at St David’s RC Primary School, Newport to award two very special young ladies their Certificates.

As you all know from previous posts, Roisin Thomas and Ruby Ainge, who are pupils at the school, walked 10k walk to raise funds for our Charity, they knew we were coming, but they didn’t know why.

However, we were both completely bowled over by the warm welcome we received from the Head Teacher, Louise Robinson, and all her stall and pupils. Not only did we present the girls with their Certificate which really surprised them BUT the School surprised us. They presented us with a further cheque for £200 which they raised for their ‘no-uniform’ day the school held yesterday. You know how bad the weather was, well in St David’s School the sun was shining through the pupils as it was a ‘Beach Day’ and they all looked fabulous.

It didn’t stop there though because Roisin & Ruby surprised us with a presentation about our Charity, they had prepared all by themselves. Quite incredible. It was a very emotional occasion for everyone.

Thank you so much Roisin and Ruby and thank you St David’s RC Primary School for being so supportive. The Head Teacher, Louise Robinson, Staff and Pupils are all, as Roisin and Ruby put in their presentation, ‘Superheroes’.

2018 December


Christmas Fair

Children’s Leukaemia Society we asked by Splott Comms Volunteers to join in with Their Christmas Fair. We both have Offices at Splott Library but this is the first time we were able to join forces.

It was excellent, Splott Comms put so much work into everything and everyone deserved a round of applause.

Here are some of the Children's Leukaemia Team with Santa & Mrs Clause. Thank you to everyone who supported us today.

2018 December

Sing for CLS

We had a wonderful morning this morning, when 14 pupils from St John Lloyd R.C. Primary School came to Tesco, Pengam Green and sang Christmas carol and songs.

They were really amazing and what was so lovely was, they wanted to do it and were so pleased every time someone put money in our buckets, they all had a smile and thanked everyone. They were truly a delight.

They raised the amazing amount of £105 in just and hour and even did an ‘encore’ for a lady named ‘Rita’ because as they were packing up, she arrived; so they stopped packing and sang for her. She had tears in her eyes I can tell you.

It was the best hour we have spent this Christmas collecting for our Charity.

We would like to thank Mrs Hart, Headteacher, St John Lloyd School for agreeing and supporting our Charity, Mr Molloy, Caretaker and Mrs Davies for bringing them and Suzanne Warburton, Community Champion, Tesco Pengam Green for making it possible.

But the biggest THANKS of all must go to the PUPILS for being so lovely, respectful and for singing so beautifully. THANK YOU.

Here's the videos -->

2018 November


Murder Mystery

2018 - Telstars Theatre Company of which our Secretary, Teresa McCarthy, is a member of hold a Charity Fundraiser Annually. 

In 2018 they held a Murder Mystery evening at the old BBC Club for Children’s Leukaemia Society. It was a great night which everyone enjoyed as if you come to a Telstars Murder Mystery – be prepared to find yourself part of the cast.

At the end of the night there was a quiz with the opportunity to see if a member of the audience could guess who was the murderer.

As you can see it was a Fun Event where everyone joined in and became part of the Murder Mystery.

They raised £544.00

2018 September


Iron Kids

Introducing Lucy (9) Joseph (6) and Chloe (4) who are took part in IRONKIDS Wales on Saturday 8th September 2018 in Tenby raising money for The Children’s Leukaemia Society.  What an amazing thing to do.  

IRONKIDS Wales is a 'run only' event for up to 2,000 children aged 3-14 years, to be held in Tenby.


It's all about fun and healthy living and each child will receive an IRONKIDS T-shirt to participate in and a medal once they cross the finish line under the iconic IRONMAN finish gantry.

They raised £1470.00

2018 September


Charity Football Match

I would like to thank St Albans Football Club, Staff at Llandough blood sciences department, the over 50s Continental football team and Llantrisant over 50s football team for their much-appreciated support. One of the lads who played in this match survived childhood Leukaemia twice and was supported both times by our Charity. He would also like to personally thank everyone for their support.

Thank you

2017 June


Pub Quiz

Steve, the Landlord of The Brewery Inn, Pembroke Dock and Barney, whose lost his daughter to Leukaemia

raised £510.00

at a Quiz Night. Up to that date, this was the largest amount they had raised for single Charity on a Quiz Night. Veronica Katchi accepted the cheque on behalf of the Children's Leukaemia Society.

2015 September


Iron Man

With world-renowned spectator support and epic courses, this is the race that legends are made of. Hosted in the charming Welsh seaside village of Tenby.

Mark is a strong supporter of CLS and takes part in The Iron Man Annually for us. 

This year he raised £3231.81 (Including Gift Aid).

He says ‘See you next year’.

2015 September


2k Fun Run

Every year Cardiff hold a 2K Fun Run for the younger generation.

So Tomos  (5) and Rhys McCarthy (3 years), grandsons of our Secretary Teresa, put on their running shoes and took to the course with their Mummy and Daddy running with them.

They were really excited especially when they met Jamie Baulch and they really enjoyed the day. Oh and they slept really well that evening.

Very pleased they raised £486.25 (Including Gift Aid) for the charity



More That Day




One of out most ardent supporters Mark Painter, Elaine’s brother and Cheryl Verallo also joined in the fun and ran 5K raising over £1,000.


When we can, you can often see us out and about collecting in stores such as,





to name a few


There are also Counter Top Boxes which you can put in your shop or place of work, you'd be surprised how many people drop their change in them.

We are always looking for help so please get in touch. 

We collect all over South and West Wales.


Thank You.

Image by Mike Petrucci
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