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About Us

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Our charity was established in February 1992 and support children who suffer from leukaemia and other childhood cancers. It's a small but essential charity that covers all Wales and is completely run by volunteers and unpaid staff

Meet The Team





I have been with the Charity for over 30 years, in fact it’s so long ago I cannot remember exactly when. I went in as a volunteer to do some clerical work, little did I know then that I would end up being the Chair.

Although there have been sad times it is wonderful how many children, we have been able to help. Meeting children and their families going through all forms of Cancer has been very humbling and made me realise what really matters in life.

I hope our Charity will last another 30 years but none of it would have been possible without our wonderful Volunteers who are a wonderful group of people who are now friends as well.


Teresa (Teri)



I first volunteered for the Charity in 2013. I have known Elaine for over 50 years so when Elaine asked me to help of course I said yes.

I have been overwhelmed with the number of children diagnosed yearly with Leukaemia/Cancer and my heart goes out to them and their families.

I will continue to volunteer for the Charity for as long as I can to give something back.

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I became involved with the charity approximately 15 years ago, as the mother of a son diagnosed with leukaemia. The charity supported us whilst he was in hospital with a gift of a TV as he spent most of his stays in hospital in isolation. The TV became a very precious item, providing a distraction from the unbearable real life we were living.

When my son was well enough the charity provided us with holidays in Tenby giving us an opportunity to have fun, create lasting happy memories and a sense of normality for us all. This small, charity is run by a handful of dedicated volunteers, all with a personal reason for supporting it.

I am one of those volunteers, giving my time and commitment to a charity that supported my family at the most difficult period of our lives and for that I will be eternally grateful.


Nicholas (Nick)


Maintenance Manager

I am Veronica husband and Teresa’s brother-in- law but what you don’t know is I am also a survivor of Cancer; Bowel Cancer.  I was one of the lucky ones. So, whoever is reading this, please do the test, it saved my life.

I am now retired and I guess you could say my hobby is maintenance and cleaning so what better way to spend my time than helping CLS Maintain their Holiday Homes.

It’s a lot of work but it’s worth every minute if it helps the children.





I am Nick's wife and Teresa’s sister so it was inevitable I would become involved. Being a survivor of stage 3 Cancer I have seen first-hand the heartache this dreadful disease can cause.

This Charity is so important to me and I will do whatever I can to help, You’ll often see me cleaning the Holiday Homes with Nick, although I leave all the handiwork to him!

I am keen to help and support for as long as I can.


Susan (Sue)



I became part of CLS when a dear friend of mine and my husbands passed away to Leukaemia aged 26. Every year myself and my husband raised money for CLS in his memory and it gets bigger and better. It was in March 2022 that I took the jump and joined the team to help with the social media side of the charity. 

However, Ive loved it so much im doing much more. The work everyone does here is overhwleming. 





As you know I am married to Sue.

I do what I can because I am in full-time employment, but I wanted to help a wonderful charity that supports both children and their families.

Hopefully when this Pandemic is over, you will see me once again collecting, please say ‘Hello’

Jo Final.jpg

Josephine (Jose/Jo)



I am part of CLS as a result of our family being devastated by the news that our son, Ben, had cancer. It was this amazing charity that cheered him up. It has a very special place in our hearts, following Ben's death to cancer. It is a small charity where all the money raised and donated goes to the child, and only the child.

Ben was insistent that I help other children so that they can be given a gift when everything they know has been taken away. Life is forever changed and this charity has helped us as a family to cope. Ben wished to go to the beach. CLS have Holiday Homes at Kiln Park, Tenby where you can go as a family. They understood the importance of being together as a family and they made it possible. When I said that Ben didn't need the gift I was told, "Every child, irrespective of family background gets a gift, so Ben will get a gift". That is what was, and is, so special.


Emma-Louise De Keyser

Social Media Rep & Volunteer

I became part of the CLS team when a very close friend passed away to Leukaemia. He was my husbands best friend, best man at my wedding and Godfather to my daughter. He was part of my family. Unfortunately, we lost him at the age of 26 back in 2017.

Every year we raise funds for CLS in his memory, but this year I decided I wanted to do more and that's when I asked Elaine if she wanted any help. The amount of work they do is overwhelming and I'm glad I've jumped on board.

I will be helping out with the social media side of things to start with but hoping to get a lot more involved over time. 

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